The S&A Difference

Defense Only

Unlike many of our competitors who will take any work that comes through the door, S&A Medical Graphics has pledged its services to the defense community only and has worked continually over the past 19 years to cultivate and strengthen alliances with defense attorneys and malpractice insurance companies across the nation.  We will NOT take on any medical malpractice plaintiff work.  We also support the defense community by exhibiting at annual conferences for PIAA and DRI, often serving as sponsors for some of their events.


S&A Medical Graphics, Inc has been providing professional courtroom exhibits to the medical malpractice defense community for over 19 years.  Our medical illustration staff has a combined 58 years of expertise in creating exhibit boards, interactive presentations, and medical animations for defense attorneys across the country for a wide variety of cases.  All of our illustrators have obtained masters degrees in medical illustration from the few accredited programs in the United States, including the Medical College of Georgia (now Georgia Regents University) and Johns Hopkins University.  These programs demand their illustration students take rigorous courses alongside medical students, including anatomy, histology, pathology, and embryology.

Strategic Thinking

We at S&A Medical Graphics have always considered ourselves as part of the defense team on the cases in which we are asked to assist, and to that end, both our case strategists and illustrators work closely with our clients and their medical experts to develop case-specific exhibit ideas that will reinforce the defense position.  Throughout our 19 years of working for the defense, we have gained invaluable insight into the various strategies that have been used by our clients to successfully defend medical malpractice cases of all kinds.  This enables us to suggest innovative exhibit ideas and, in some cases, even defense strategies that may not have been previously considered.

Our blog, Talking Defense, specifically explores topics relevant to the defense, and examines case studies that showcase some of our custom work and the visual defense strategy behind it.  Visit: ‘insert blog address’.

No Obligation Exhibit Proposal & No Rush Fees

S&A Medical Graphics will perform a case review and develop a comprehensive visual defense strategy and exhibit proposal free of charge and with no obligation.  While many of our competitors penalize clients with cases under tight time constraints by applying exorbitant rush fees, we have refused to do so with our clients.  We understand the time-sensitive nature of such cases and consider working within such constraints to be an integral part of our client service.

Illustrated Medical Lectures

S&A Medical Graphics provides a series of illustrated medical lectures geared towards the medical malpractice defense litigator, covering a wide variety of anatomy and physiology, including cardiology, oncology, obstetrics, and orthopedics.  Visit the Medical Lectures page to see a full list and samples of available lectures: VIEW NOW.  These lectures are typically done in person, but can also be given as webinars via GoToMeeting computer conferencing service.