Split-thickness Skin Grafting

  • When full-thickness skin injuries occur—all dermis is gone to the level of the subcutaneous tissue or below—skin grafting is required to cover the defect and stop fluid leakage.
  • Split-thickness skin grafting (STSG) involves removal of thin strips of healthy skin down to the dermis. The strips are then put through a meshing machine which significantly increases the total area of coverage; the meshed portions fill in with healing.
  • STSG does not require microanastomosis of blood vessels because oxygen, glucose, protein and other reparative raw materials can diffuse from the donor site vessels to keep it alive until the vasculature is fully healed. Artificial skin, pig skin and donor skin are also used to cover and protect severely injured areas of skin.

Available sizes:

30 x 40 = $395 + shipping
36 x 48 = $425 + shipping
Digital  = $395