• This is a common technique for smoothing skin scarred from acne or trauma, or for reducing small wrinkles. A wire brush or laser is used to remove the top layer of skin as evenly as possible. The epidermis is removed down to the top portion of the dermis, which then regenerates in a smooth layer. Large wrinkles and deep scars can be improved but will not completely disappear.
  • Deep dermabrasion removes the skin down further into the dermis; skin will be somewhat smoother, but thinner than untreated skin.
  • If nearly the entire thickness of the dermis is removed, the epidermis will regenerate, but hair will not grow, the glands will not regenerate, and the skin will have a smooth, shiny, unnatural appearance.

Available sizes:

30 x 40 = $395 + shipping
36 x 48 = $425 + shipping
Digital  = $395