Anatomy of the Skull

  • The calvarium, which houses the brain, is composed of several large, flat bones. The sutures between the calvarial bones are strong, with interdigitating fingers of bone at the joints; the frontal bone consists of two separate bones that fuse by the age of 18 years.
  • The base of the skull has three sections, each corresponding to a major part of the brain (anterior cranial fossa for the frontal lobes, middle cranial fossa for the temporal lobes, and posterior cranial fossa for the cerebellum). Cranial nerves and vessels enter and exit through openings in the floor of the skull.
  • The bones of the face have air-filled cavities or sinuses to make them lighter and to help warm inhaled air. The only moveable joint is the bilateral temporomandibular joint between the mandible and calvarium.

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