Interactive Exhibits

Fetal Heart Monitor Interactive

Our interactive fetal heart monitors allow for random access to any portion of parts of or the entire FHM strip, with the ability to preset important portions of the strip. Comments and notes can be added as appropriate, and representative FHM patterns can be displayed next to the actual FHM strip for comparison.

  • Random instant access to any portion of the strip
  • Ability to pre-set any important portions of the strip for quick reference
  • Optional representative FHM patterns for overlay comparison
  • Comments and notes can be added and displayed (or hidden) as necessary

X-Ray Interactive

Our x-ray interactive is a great way to present key image studies to the jury. Get quick and easy access to films as well as optional interpretive overlays without multiple boards/panels. Our x-ray interactive is perfect for angiograms, mammograms, myelograms, CT’s, MRI’s, x-rays, etc. This tool can help you to get the information to the jury faster, easier, and more effectively!

  • Instant random access of films from scrolling visual library
  • Orientation images for easy location reference
  • Zoom/move tool allows for focus on the important information
  • Optional color interpretive illustrations
  • Drawing tool allows expert and/or defendant to make notes on the films on the fly

Virtual Trial Assistant (VTA)

Our Virtual Trial Assistant gives you the ability to access all of your exhibits – static, interactive, and even animations, in one user-friendly, stand-alone presentation. This tool eliminates the need for multiple boards/panels and trial presentation software.

  • Incorporates all exhibits, interactive, and animations into one stand-alone presentation
  • Revolutionary digital drawing pen tool allows you to draw on top of any exhibit, film, and animation
  • User-friendly design that even has a help button for easy-to-use instructions

TrialDirector Presentation

We recognize the evolving courtroom and we know that many of you are already using digital trial presentations during litigation. In an effort to increase our value to our clients as well as to streamline your trial preparation process, we are pleased to offer this new service and will load any and all of your Seif exhibits into TrialDirector free of charge.

  • Streamline your trial preparation process and enjoy this free* service with the purchase of Seif exhibits
  • Access all your case records and exhibits with flexibility and ease, starting at only $250